Monday, May 3, 2010

Food - I love food

Shinsengumi - Yakitori in Fountain Valley. I am not a food critic but I love to eat. This restaurant is one of my favorite. I think this is chicken liver with yakitorki sauce.

This is Pho - Vietnamese Beef Soup from Pho Thang Long in Bolsa, Westminster. This place is a good place to eat. The bowl of Pho is like about$7.00 but you will get full.

Korean Tofu - I forgot the name of the place. It is small but good in Garden Grove.

Once again, I am not a food critic. I will upload more food pictures. I am hungry. When Kchan is full, she is a happy Kchan. HEHEHEHE

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Hello This is Emmy-chan

Emmy-chan is my dog. She was born in June 2003. She is a female Pomeranian. People said she is spoiled sometimes.I like to take picture when she is sleeping because she gets mad at me and gives me a weird look.

She is sitting on my chair like a queen.