Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Japan Trip Day 1

I left LAX at noon on December 27, 2010 and arrived at Narita Airport, Tokyo at 5 p.m. December 28, 2010. The flight was 12 hours but it wasn't that bad. I slept couple times and most of the time, I wrote my journal, read, and played game.

On the plane, they gave me two meals. One was Teriyaki Chicken and another was Shrimp Pasta. They both had no desserts and the plane didn't feed me well enough. I was still hungry after the meals. I wish there was desserts.

I managed to get from Narita to Hikari Hotel safe. Right after the plan landed, there was an accident on the train line, so they stopped a lot of trains in Tokyo or to commute to Narita. I was able to take Kesei Line to Nippori and from Nippori to Minamisenju using Joban Line. Things were not that hard. I think dragging the luggage is harder. How am I supposed to bring 3 luggage back?

Hikari Hotel is nice, clean, and friendly. When I stepped in, they already knew who I am. They took me to my room - I was glad they gave me a corner room because corner room is a little bigger than regular room. The room has a small refrigerator and flat screen TV. I paid 31000 Yen for 11 nights which are about $35.00 night They had a level where Female Only. Internet is also free too. You can connect through wireless or Lan Cable. I like this hotel a lot.

I got to the hotel around 8 p.m. so I tried to log on to see Ben. We tried to meet each other at Nippori station but it was fail. So we will meet each other again tomorrow at Gamers in Akihabara. We will see how we can meet without cell phone. I think people depend on cell phone too much.

I couldn't find Ben, so I went back to the hotel. I stopped by the market to get some snacks, and drinks. The Milk Tea here is only 198 Yen per bottle. In US, it is like $5.00 per bottle. It is so expensive. I also stopped at 7/11 to purchase some hot food. It was so good.

I got back to the hotel, took a nice bath, ate food, relax and went online.

Tomorrow I will go to Ikebukuro, Harajuku, and Akihabara.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Food - I love food

Shinsengumi - Yakitori in Fountain Valley. I am not a food critic but I love to eat. This restaurant is one of my favorite. I think this is chicken liver with yakitorki sauce.

This is Pho - Vietnamese Beef Soup from Pho Thang Long in Bolsa, Westminster. This place is a good place to eat. The bowl of Pho is like about$7.00 but you will get full.

Korean Tofu - I forgot the name of the place. It is small but good in Garden Grove.

Once again, I am not a food critic. I will upload more food pictures. I am hungry. When Kchan is full, she is a happy Kchan. HEHEHEHE

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Hello This is Emmy-chan

Emmy-chan is my dog. She was born in June 2003. She is a female Pomeranian. People said she is spoiled sometimes.I like to take picture when she is sleeping because she gets mad at me and gives me a weird look.

She is sitting on my chair like a queen.